Are you guilty of these bad eating habits?

We all live really busy lives and sometimes we don’t have the time to eat as healthy as we’d like or practice good eating habits but it’s important for us to try and implement healthy eating habits to not only look good but to feel good and stay as healthy as possible! Check out this list of bad eating habits and see if you’ve ever found yourself in any of these precarious munching situations and how you can avoid them! Surrounding yourself with temptation This might seem like a no-brainer but many people with good intentions find themselves surrounded by tempting treats either at work or home and just can’t resist! If you have a co-worker who always has candy on her desk or you have a family member who just has to have a cookie stash, make sure you put some distance between yourself and the treats or try to work away from the area so it’s not in your direct line of sight and constantly taunting you. Skipping Meals I know we get super busy throughout the day and especially in the mornings but if you have a habit of missing meals due to a hectic schedule, you’re setting yourself up for disaster later on! I know you’ve heard it a million times but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, you’re breaking the fast from sleeping overnight and you need food to fuel you for the long day ahead. The same goes for lunch and dinner, if you miss those meals you could end up snacking on junk food or overeating later on. Emotional Eating If you find yourself eating more often and eating junk foods when you’re upset or bored, try finding alternative activities you can do that will be more healthy and productive for you. If you find yourself angry or depressed about something try taking a walk, sorting your closet, taking a nap or just calling up a friend to chat. Emotional eating can make you eat large amounts and eat things you normally wouldn’t eat and you end up feeling guilty about it afterward. Find an activity that you’ll feel good about so you’ll feel better mentally and physically! Multi-tasking Are you the type of woman who does 10 things at once? If you eat while you’re distracted you could be overeating and still not feel full. It takes your brain at least 15 minutes to send your body the signal that it’s full so if you eat while working or watching TV and you finish your meal before those 15 minutes, you’ll end up overeating and end up feeling stuffed! Take a break from whatever you’re doing to enjoy your meal! Eating out of containers The next time you want to grab a couple of chips or cookies as a treat, remember to take out one serving and leave the box. Eating out of the box tricks you into thinking you haven’t eaten very much and you’ll lose track of how much you’ve had until you realize the box is empty. You can always get another serving if you want, just don’t make it so easy to keep eating until you feel sick! Put snacks in Ziploc bags or get the 100-calorie serving packs so you know when to stop. Have you ever found yourself in any of these bad eating situations? Don’t feel bad, I think we’ve all been there and done that, the important thing is to make small changes so that we don’t continue these bad eating habits. Eating healthy isn’t just for people on diets, what you eat can make a big impact on how your skin looks, your moods and how you feel. The Women’s Insider wants you to look and feel your best so make sure you take good care of yourself!