Dating Advice: 10 Reasons Why Women Call Men But Shouldn’t!

  1. He has not returned your call (s).
  2. You’re not sure if he knows that you’re interested.
  3. You want to wish him Happy Birthday.
  4. You’re curious to know how he’s doing.
  5. You want to find out if your relationship is really over.
  6. You can’t function since he stopped calling.
  7. You’re just calling to say ‘hi.”
  8. You just want to pick up the scarf you left at his place
  9. You changed your number and you just want him to have your new number.
  10. You want to let him know that you’ll change whatever it is about you that he didn’t like.
Do you agree or disagree?   Source: The VIP Singles Club Matchmaking Agency   Do you agree or disagree?