DIY: Beachy Brooch Napkin Rings

Beachy Brooch Napkin Rings

Project Materials

Jute napkin ring, $1

Brooch or pendant from Styled by Tori Spelling line, $7.99 and up

Floral wire, on hand

Wire cutters, on hand or $1

Total: $9 and up

There is no better season than the summer to create an evolution of fashion that is nothing less than impressive. Significantly, most people have a summer bucket list to accomplish, but to the style-savvy, we should be participating in a sartorial mission that creates innovative fashion trends as the summer days go by.

Dazzle in a DIY Beachy Brooch Napkin Ring to shock, awe, and amaze.

To Make: 1. Cut an 8″ length of floral wire. Thread it through the loop of the brooch, and twist a few times to secure wire to brooch. 2. “Sew” the wire through the napkin ring and bring ends of wire out the other side. 3. Bring wire back through other side of brooch to secure it to the ring. 4. Tuck wire back into the inside of the napkin ring and flatten it against the inside to keep it from snagging napkins. 5. After your dinner party, snip the wire off with wire cutters, or unwrap carefully. 6. Reuse the brooch on your jewelry! Image and Idea Courtesy of Dollar Store Crafts