DIY: Cat Eye Sunglasses for Under $5

If there are a few things that you should buy go buy now other than clothes, it is a square of leather, a stencil, and glue gun.

Cat eye sunglasses are having a fashion heyday as they are quite the hit with the fashion crowd.One of the lovely aspects of this accessory, is that in can upgrade any outfit from looking dull to exciting.

Simply create your own pair of cat eye sunglasses after rounding up a pair of old sunglasses, and everyday essentials of a sharpie and a pair of scissors in combination with your newly purchased square of leather, stencil and glue gun.

This affordable and accessible do it yourself project will glam up your look after you re purpose an old pair of sunglasses by adding a shapely accent. First, decide on the shape and style for your pattern and trace onto paper. Create two of these and “test” on your sunglasses to make sure you’re happy with the shape and size. Then, trace the pattern onto a thick black piece of fabric or leather. Finally, use glue to secure onto each frame.

At last, you will have a voguish pair of cat eye sunglasses to rock and covet in the summer sun.

Images and Idea Courtesy of Ps. I Made This