DIY: Dried Flower Pendant

When it comes to style, pendants are the epitome of modern elegance. Pendants are unique and covetable accessories that make a directional and stylish statement. Pair a pendant with your favorite summer ensemble and undoubtedly garner a profusion of attention. Garner the most attention when you tell your girlfriends that you made your pendant yourself! Set the bar in your circle of fashionable friends with an array of easy-to-make dried flower pendants that will not disappoint. These do-it-yourself dried flower pendants will add an impressive textural intrigue that will ameliorate your signature style and make for a trendsetting jewelry option. The Necessities:Judikins Diamond GlazeE6000 Multi-Purpose Adhesive ▪ 25mm Pendant Blanks with Glass Cabochons Organza necklaces ▪ Jump rings ▪ Dried flowers ▪ Tweezers ▪ Cardstock ▪ Round Nose Micro PliersJewelers Flat Nose Plier The Steps: 1.) Lay out your wildflower. Adhere the flower and use e-6000. 2.) Position your glass cabochon over the flower. Place three drops of diamond glaze on the back of your glass cabochon and stay in the middle of the glass. 3.) Place the cabochon over the flower and hold in place for 45 seconds pressing hard. Let it dry for ten minutes, then cut around glass cabochon. 4.) Add e-6000 glue to back of cabochon using a toothpick. Spread evenly and add a bit of glue to the middle of the pendant blank as well. Press cabochon inside pendant blank. Hold until set. Let dry for 15 minutes. Add jump ring. 5.) Add organza necklace. You’re done! DIY idea Courtesy of Intimate Weddings