DIY: Fabulous Envelope Laptop Case


Tonight ignites the start of New York Fashion Week, so why not start this week with a fashionable bang? Acessorize your laptop fashion sensibilities with a beloved, sophisticated and fun laptop case design.

I Spy DIY’s Envelope Laptop Case idea is simply irresistible as it allows us to stylishly stash away our laptop a la a creative and cheap alternative. Perfect for the busy-but-fashionable working girl, this case is a fantastic option that looks totally current. Markedly, it is sure to lend some pizazz to your favorite ensemble and will make heads turn. With an ability to adapt to casual and fancy ensembles, this laptop case is not only functional, but it is more versatile than ever. An excellent take on laptop case fashions this season, it would be a shame not to have this modern sense of elegance in your hands.

Suplies: fabric glue, scissors, ruler, buckle, felt, ribbon, pencil, canvas fabric

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