DIY: Glitter Pumps for Under $15

If there is something every woman should not live without, it is a pair of glitter pumps. In any given season, pumps are a desirable accessory to vamp up any ensemble. Causing shopping frenzies, every stylish woman owns at least one pair of pumps in her closet. Yet as women, we have all faced the dilemma of having a closet full of clothes and shoes, but nothing to wear. Everything has been worn endlessly and there is no pizazz. Therefore, add some pizazz to your shoes and enliven their luster with some glitter to make them look just as exciting as they werewhen you had first snagged them off the shelf.


Modge podge high loss glue ($10)

Pumps (FREE – Use an old pair!)

Fine glitter ($2)

Paintbrush ($1)

Newspaper ($0.75)


-Use a paper cup and fill it with 1/4 cup of modge podge

– Pour glitter and mix

-Layout newspaper to create a clean space

-Layer on first layer of glitter and modge podge mix onto pump

(Make sure to do an even coat and be careful on the edges. If you’re nervous about getting glue on your shoes you can tape off the edges!)

-Pour loose glitter on the still wet first layer

-Used a dry paintbrush to lightly brush the glitter all over the shoe

-Let your pumps dry overnight

-The next morning put on the final layer of modge podge.

(It will look dull and white, but it will dry clear)

Images and Idea Courtesy of Restyle Restore Rejoice