Diy: Stylish Headbands

In Spring/Summer 2007, the Prada turban was all the rage. Headwear and fashion joined forces that infused every fashionista’s accessory collection with more than a stunning pair of chandelier earrings, diamond studs and bib collar necklaces. Today, headwear has been given a new look with embellished headbands sitting atop stupermodels like Kate Moss and Chanel Iman on the international runways and omnipresent on the New York Fashion Week runways. Essentially, head adornments are evolving in a glamorous way whether they are bejeweled, beaded, embellished or ornamented. Simply sparkle and shine in a headband that suits your fancy with a headband that you could custom design yourself.

Shop your local dollar store, Michael’s, Joann’s or any other craft supply heaven for rhinestone’s, glitter, beads and more by easily supergluing spectacular accents to an old headband that could use some TLC and a touch of fabulosity.