Fashion Diy: Safety Pin Bracelet

Play it safe with a do-it-yourself safety pin bracelet. Give yourself some affordable arm candy when you get crafty and create an undeniably chic array of bracelets to accent your other statement jewelry. A subtle touch, safety pin bracelets will add a touch of intrigue to your wrist and assuredly you’ll have the most unique set of bracelets on your arm of all your friends. Simply show of your creative skill and become the trendsetter that you have always wanted to become.
Safety Pin
Wire cutter
2 Jump Rings
1. Snip the middle metal piece of your safety pin
2. Connect the bottom of your safety pin with the chain using your jumpring
3. Put a jump ring on the other end of your chain
4. Close pin through the jump ring to fasten

Images and idea by I Spy DIY