Fall 2012 Beauty Checklist


Now that fall is right around the corner, you’re going to want to swap out some of the beauty essentials that you relied on for summer and trade them in for products that are more conducive to the fall weather. Although I enjoy the warm weather and long days of summer, I really look forward to seeing the seasons change around me and changing up my beauty routine too! There are obviously some major things to consider when you’re transitioning from summer to fall but there are also some not-so-obvious steps we need to take to ensure a smooth transition as well so keep reading to get the scoop on your fall must-haves!


What it comes to skincare, I personally don’t change much of my current routine aside from using a thicker moisturizer and you might in the same boat. Regardless of the colder temperature, you still want to apply sunscreen regardless of how gloomy it is outside and continue to use eye cream, acne treatment, anti-aging regimen and cleanser. Since the wind and colder temperature can zap moisture from skin, choose a thicker moisturizer to keep the skin on your face and neck soft and supple.


One of the things I look forward to most when a new season is upon is changing the palette of colors I use for makeup! The most common change seems to be switching your summer foundation for a lighter color as your skin tends to get less exposure to the sun and will look lighter in the fall. The change might not be immediately apparent and you might go through a few different shades before you settle on the right shade for you.

Ditch the pastels and any loud colors you used as eye shadows in the summer and switch to deeper, darker colors. Browns, coppers, grays, charcoal and navy colors look great and complement the colder temperature. The same rules applies to lip shades as well, you want to go for a neutral or deeper colored look on the lips rather than the super bright colors of summer. Berries, crimson, deep pinks and nudes all look chic and sophisticated and will balance your darker eye colors perfectly!

Some women like to use bronzer all year long and that’s perfectly fine! Keep it light and you’ll look like you just came back from a beach vacation! For those with oily or combination skin, you’ll probably find that your makeup won’t require as much touching-up as it did in the heat which is great news! Your skin should be less oily and shiny from the colder weather which can slow down oil production.


If your hair got a little brassy from all the sun in the summer, fall is a great time to update your hair color and dye it a uniform color or get some lowlights mixed in if you have light-colored hair. Of course you can leave your hair as is, there is no hard and fast rule indicating that hair color must be brown or black in the fall. Darker hair colors can look really beautiful with your fairer complexion but as long as your hair is healthy, feel free to rock whatever color makes you feel most beautiful!

And speaking of healthy hair, if your strands took a beating in the summer from salt water, chlorine, the sun and heat styling get in the habit of doing weekly deep conditioning treatments. Your hair will love the extra moisture and nourishment and you can start repairing your hair. If the damage to your hair is pretty severe, you might even want to consider getting some inches chopped off of the bottom and start new. There is nothing cute about having long hair if it’s dry and damaged!

Update your beauty routine with these simple tips which will make the switch from summer to fall much simpler and hassle-free! What’s on your fall beauty checklist?