Fall in Love with Fall Accessories

fall accessories


Hi ladies, I hope you’re having a fabulous extended Labor Day weekend!

Although the purpose of Labor Day is to appreciate and celebrate American workers and our achievements and as much I respect the principle of the holiday, I can’t help but think of Labor Day sales and fall fashions!

If you’re with me, then let’s talk fall accessories! I look forward to seasonal trends but sometimes they can be quite overwhelming. I mean, I’m all for variety and options but sometimes I definitely get overloaded with trends! I wanted to highlight some of the newest and the best trends in fall accessories so far!

One of the trends that I fell hard for in the spring and summer that’s continuing to stay strong in the fall is floral print. I’m not talking about pastels or loud colors but floral with a deeper colored background such as this super girly and cute crossbody bag from Fossil:


Or this floral clutch with light colored flowers, black accents and hardware

Rose gold accessories are also hot for fall and have been around for awhile and is still very well loved, check out this romantic rose gold pendant

or how about an understated yet elegant chunky ring?

Detachable Statement Collars are popping up everywhere and you can either DIY-it or grab one of these fun necklaces or detachable collars like these to spice up a plain collared shirt or sweater:

And remember, if you want to try the collar trend, you can either buy or make your own using a real collar from a shirt with embellishments or use a piece of jewelry and it instantly dresses up and adds a lot of interest to an otherwise plain look!

Lastly, wide waist belts not only look super stylish and sleek, they instantly accentuate your waist giving your a sexy hourglass shape! I personally prefer wider belts to skinny ones in the fall because wider belts look much more substantial and ladylike. This is a perfect fall trend because the wider belt looks warm yet chic!

All of these fall accessories can be found at reasonable price points so don’t be intimidated by some of the examples here if it’s not in your current budget! What fall accessory are you looking forward to rocking most?!