Fruit Filled Dessert Tarts Recipe

Fruit Filled Dessert Tarts 1 box of prepared Pillsbury (pre-rolled) pie crust Filling: 1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed milk (15 1/2-oz) 1/3 cup lemon juice 1/2 teaspon almond extract 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 1 cup of heavy whipping cream Fresh fruit or 1 can of cherry pie filling to top each tart with Preheat oven to 425 degrees. On a clean and lightly floured surface lay out your pie crust. Place the mini tart shells upside down on the dough and cut around the shells. Then put the shells right side up and form the dough into each shell. Prick the bottom of each tart shell lined with dough with the tines of a fork. You will be able to get about 24 or so tart shells. Place each shell on a baking sheet and bake for 6 or 7 minutes in the preheated oven or until lightly brown. With a large electric mixer with the whisk attached whip the cream until soft peaks appear. In a small bowl combine the sweetened condensed milk, the lemon juice, almond extract and vanilla. Gently fold the milk mixture into the whipped cream. Fill tarts with the filling mixture then top with your choice of fruit. Makes about 24 tarts. **These can be made several hours in advance. Just refrigerate until ready to serve. Mix 1 cup of the whipped cream Source: