Gifts For Her (all of them)


Lets face it guys—gift buying can become so complicated. If only there was one gift that could be customized for all the women in your life (girlfriend, mom, sister, etc.). This year, that idea has come true with It is the latest trend in women’s beauty products (and men if you choose).

Every month, for a selected time period (chosen by the buyer), a box of the latest beauty product samples are sent to the individual who is being gifted. After this individual receives their first generic box, friendly to all appearances—hair and skin types, this individual can go online and customize an online account highlighting the types of products they would like to receive in their next box, based on their personal preferences.

Let me explain how this works.

1. Go to and click “Gift”

2. Simply click “Select” and choose the subscription time period you would like.

3. Enter your personal information as well as the information of the individual you are buying for.

4. Choose where the Birchbox will be sent, shipping details and timing of shipment.

5. And lastly, confirm all the information provided. For as little as $30 dollars you have a gift that keeps giving, and a gift that personalized for everyone on your holiday list.

Have fun boys—there is a Birchbox for men too.



Amanda Rae Emerson (Mandie) is an Ohio native who recently made the exciting move to the big city of Chicago to pursue her dream PR job. With a background in communications and public affairs from The Ohio State University, writing seems to be an outlet for Amanda to express her interests and “clientless” passions. Amanda enjoys writing about fashion and most importantly fashion that is affordable to young professionals. Her favorite writing pieces seem to be based on personal experience and products she knows will work for everyone. What is Amanda’s motto?—dress for the job you wish you had, not the one you have.