Guide 2 Chic: Blazer Versatility

Guide 2 Chic

This is your Guide 2 Chic, and I am going to provide you with exclusive fashion tips which will guarantee that you look ready for the runway every time you walk out your front door! So let’s begin.

Chic Recipe

Key Ingredient: Blazer

One of the must-haves in every Chic woman’s wardrobe is a blazer. Blazers look similar to a suit jacket but often are not made with a matching bottom. The great thing about a blazer is that it can easily add a little spice to a bland outfit. The ingredients to a Celebrity-Chic Creation: 1.) Blazer 2.) Tank top 3.) Bottom: Jeans, skirt or shorts


If you chose a blazer that is the standard black or white, you can make a simple yet Celebrity-Chic Creation by wearing jeans and a tank top which is the opposite color of the blazer. For example, if you wear a black blazer wear a white tank top. If you decide to wear a white blazer wear a black tank top. If you would like to create a more complicated creation, then I would suggest that you add color/flavor to your ingredients. First chose to add color through either your blazer or your selected bottom. I would suggest only adding color through one of the two in order to create a balanced outfit. For example, if you select a bright colored blazer then pair it with a normal bottom (denim jeans, black pants). If you decide to wear a basic blazer: black, white or Navy Blue then wear a bright colored or patterned bottom. In regard to your third ingredient, the tank top, I suggest that you always keep it simple. Stick to basic solid colors or simply subtle patterns. For example: white, black, nude or a shirt that has a simple pattern like stripes. To complete this Celebrity Chic Creation you will need three toppings: 1.) Heels 2.) Shades 3) Oversize clutch or a satchel.

Bon Appétit!

  • Thank you for this great article. My husband and I have a daughter that is preparing for college this fall and these fashion ideas are great for our shopping spree. She wants to look her best on campus and in class.

    • Definitely Mrs. Hicks, If your daughter uses some of these tips she will definitely look Ready For the Runway while walking around on her campus

  • I am glad to see a young black women show off the trends of how to dress. It will also help a older person that wants to do her best also.