Guide 2 Chic: Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

Written by Alice L. Sanders

Guide 2 Chic: Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

This is your Guide 2 Chic, and I am going to provide you with exclusive fashion tips which will guarantee that you look ready for the runway every time you walk out your front door!

So let’s begin

Stepping out of the Ordinary

Regardless of your age and your size, you can choose to brighten up your fall wardrobe by stepping out of the ordinary! I encourage you to find pieces in Cobalt Blue, Mustard Yellow, Red and Leopard Print accessories (A few examples shown below).


Gradual Change: If you want to take baby steps towards incorporating such Outrageous colors and patterns into your wardrobe, then I would suggest that you simply wear one of the above with something more traditional. A few options for you to consider are: purchasing a Mustard Yellow sweater and combining it with your favorite pair of jeans and brown boots. Or you could wear an all black outfit and accessorize it with a leopard scarf. Or simply purchase a dress in a bright color (For more dress suggestions Read prior Fashion Blog). Below you will find additional examples.

Drastic Change: If you are more of a risk taker, then I would encourage you to create an outfit using Only bright colors. The key to creating an “All Bright Outfit” is to keep it simple. Do not select a bright bottom or top which has a lot of designs or patterns. Stick to solid colors to avoid looking like a clown J. Perhaps, you would enjoy purchasing colorful jeans or pencil skirts in Cobalt Blue or Mustard Yellow and pairing your solid color bottom with a Solid Red Blazer and Leopard flats. There are many ways to interchange these three colors with a splash of Leopard.

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