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How To Dress Sexy Yet Classy

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holidays, these are all special days and times in the year when often we as ladies want to look our best when going on a date with our significant other. Often in these situations we are faced with a dilemma. We may find ourselves asking “How do I look sexy yet classy?” The answer to this question is that we need to master the art of being subtly sexy.

Dressing subtly sexy simply means that your clothes accentuate your silhouette without revealing too much of your body. The key to mastering this look is the creation of balance. There are two main parts of the female body that is revealed when one is attempting to be sexy: Chest and Legs. In order to create a balance you should not select an outfit which reveals a lot of both. The idea is to tease your onlookers, which simply means you do not display too much.

In order to successfully master this look you must:

1.) Have clothes that fit- Make sure that the top and bottom which you have selected to wear fit your body. This means neither of the pieces are too small or too big. Some ladies think that in order to be sexy they need to wear a size that is smaller than normal. This could not be farther from the truth.

2.) Limit the Layers- When you wear a lot of layers you hide your curves. One layer is fine as long as it is a part of your outfit. For instance you may wear a cardigan or a blazer, but make sure that your initial top is thin and or fitted (as shown below), so that you do not look bulky when the two are combined. Also, frequently ladies mess up when they wear frumpy sweaters over their cute outfit. If you suspect that you will be cold purchase a cute fitted jacket. So that your date can still detect some type of shape beneath the layer. A good example is below.

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3.) Chose one- If you decide to wear a shirt which reveals your chest then do not wear a bottom which reveals a lot of your legs. If you decide to wear a mini skirt or shorts then do not chose to wear a shirt which is revealing. This will help you avoid crossing the boundary of sexy to trashy. Below to the left is an example of being subtly sexy by choosing a shirt (which was made to fit loosely) paired with shorts. In this example the lady has chosen to reveal her legs. To the right is an example of being subtly sexy by revealing one’s chest.

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  • Mrs. Alice Hicks

    This is a great article but what about full figured women, does this apply to them as well?

  • There was a question which asked if this article is relevant to full figured women. The answer is YES! As a full figured woman you also want to avoid wearing multiple layers and clothes that are not your right size due to the same reasons that were discussed in the Article.

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