Hot New App That Gives You Free Gifts On Your Birthday:

How about a free meal, a free massage, a free tan and more on your birthday? Bdayo is a new hot app that makes this possible! It’s 100% free to register at and free to access their mobile app at the Apple store. To learn more: 3 College Students Release with a BIG Idea Applications that guarantee to enhance your birthday adventures Orange County, Calif – Bdayo Inc. announced recently the release of their website and mobile application. Bdayo was created by 3 college students (Dalip Jaggi, Ryan Francisca, and Brian Lee) who had a vision to help the public celebrate birthdays through gifts and experiences.   Bdayo released their first feature, where members are able to access birthday freebies in their area. “This is the first feature of many,” said Dalip Jaggi, CEO and Co-Founder. “Currently we offer freebies that may be redeemed in your area. These freebies range from a free meal even to a free tan, massage, and many more.”   How Bdayo works is simple. First you have to register on Once you become a member, users are able to gain information through three communication channels. Their online instant search, direct emails in your inbox, and access to their mobile application which is available for free in the Apple Store.   On the day of your birthday, compile a list of freebies or maybe even a single item, walk into the merchant and tell them it is your birthday and you would like to redeem your Bdayo Gift. It is that easy and 100% completely free to use Bdayo and receive your free gifts.   Ryan Francisca, CFO and Co-Founder states, “We have a complete different goal for Bdayo. Our list of features and different applications will be introduced throughout the year and we feel we will enhance how people celebrate and connect on their birthdays.”   Right now, Bdayo support Orange County cities with goals to expand immediately to other counties. “We will expand our services to all of Southern California by the end of summer 2012.” said Matt Wright, Merchant Liaison Manager. “What’s great about Bdayo is that everyone has a birthday, and they enjoy being pampered with gifts on that special day. With our unique formula, we will expand to more cities once we increase the level of merchants who are utilizing our services.”
  Currently you can view Bdayo’s website at or download their mobile application in the Apple Store. They are reachable on their social media and emails for any questions. 1361 Lyon St. Santa Ana, CA 92705   If you are a merchant and would like to gather more information, contact their rep directly at
  • Lauren

    Awesome! I live in Orange County and can’t wait to use this on my birthday

  • Camille

    Hi Lauren. Yes, it sounds awesome! You’ll have to let us know how you like it:-)