How Massaging Can Help Reduce Cellulite

What does a massage therapist and a butt cruncher have in common? The answer is they both help to reduce cellulite! That’s right ladies, I’m going to show you guys a few small techniques I picked up from a secret underground Chinese acupuncturist(I lied, I actually just Googled it) that will help flatten out those nasty looking lumps.

But firstly let’s take a quick step back and quickly go over how we ladies tend to get cellulite so easily in the first place.

Why Us?

Men rarely have to worry about it, so why do women tend to quite easily see the effects of cellulite? The main reason is that we girls are just made that way. By “that way” I really mean that we’re supposed to carry a larger fat percentage than men and sometimes as a result, our bodies need extra space for storage, usually in the butt and thighs…OF COURSE! *sigh*

Some of that body fat exists in the deeper layer of our skin, the dermis and is held in place by connective tissue fibres(think of them as a net-like structure). Cellulite occurs when these connective fibres that hold fatty tissue are pulled down tightly on the skin, giving that cottage cheese look we all hate.

The good news is studies are starting to suggest that cellulite is a completely normal condition that most women will see some time or another in their lives.

Still it would be nice to get rid of it right?

Here’s How Massaging Can Help Alleviate The Appearance Of Cellulite

Deep tissue massage techniques can do wonders for this condition and here’s how. By applying pressure to the connective fibres that hold fat cells in place, we can help release adhesion and improve overall elasticity deep within our skin.

By allowing these fibres to more easily stretch, what we’re doing is releasing some of the pressure being forced on the fatty tissue inside our skin.

Think of it like this.

Let’s say you have a water balloon(filled with water of course!) and wrapped around this balloon you have a bunch of elastic bands(the balloon represents the fat in your skin and the bands the connective fibres). When you rap the bands around the balloon(fat), it will start to protrude through the holes between the elastic bands(connective fibres), looking uncannily like cellulite.

Now imagine removing the bands and the water balloon will become smooth again.

Now it’s not quite that simple because we can’t just “remove” the connective fibres, but we can at least reduce the tension they have on the fatty tissue where our cellulite appears.

Here’s A Very Easy Massage Technique You Can All Try At Home

The first is a skin rolling technique and all you need to do is pick up your skin and roll it slowly between your fingers and thumb.

Kind of like playing the worlds smallest violin!

Do this about 5 times for every handful you grab and while you’re massaging you should start to notice the tension subside a little. Do this once every 3 days or so and after a couple of weeks you should start to notice a bit of a difference.

Don’t expect to see a complete reduction in the appearance of cellulite, but it will definitely help flatten out those lumps a little. 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Start rubbing those legs ladies!