How To Add Wardrobe Versatility With Dresses

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Simple & Quick: How To Be Cute & Stylish By Wearing Casual Dresses

Have you ever had a day when you wished that picking out an outfit was simple & quick? If your answer is yes, then I encourage you to begin purchasing more dresses to incorporate into your wardrobe. Dresses allow you to select your outfit quickly while not compromising your fashion integrity. The best thing about dresses is that they are diverse; you can find a dress to suit any activity and or lifestyle. Today we are going to focus on casual dresses which you can wear when you are running errands and/or simply want to be comfortable yet fashionable. The key to looking Runway Ready while wearing a comfortable dress, is your Accessories!

Here are a few Simple & Quick tips to follow when selecting the appropriate accessories.

You Must Have:

1.) Fashionable Shoes

Flat Shoes generally are the most comfortable style of shoes. The most common flat shoes to wear with dresses are thong sandals (shown in pictures near the end of the article). Other fashionable yet comfortable options include: ballet flats, boots, Toms, Sperry’s or wedge heels. Below on your left are Toms and to your right is a wedge heel by Salvatore Ferragamo.

2.) Classic Earrings

Earrings always add a splash of glam to any outfit. Silver or Gold hoops (not too big) are a simple and quick addition to any casual outfit. If you decide that you want to have a little bit of fun, select a pair of studded earrings that are in different shapes and colors (ex.: flowers or ribbons).

3.) Fashionable Purse

Purses often help set the tone of your outfit. The less structure a purse has often the more casual the purse and your outfit is perceived. Therefore you must decide upon the “look” which you want: Casual and Chic or Glam and Chic. If you want Glam & Chic then you need a purse with structure and one that is not made of fabric.

It is Optional to have:

1.) Bracelets, cuffs, bangles, and watches. If you are going to wear a purse which you carry on your forearm, then it is possible that you do not need to wear any bracelets. When selecting your bracelets, once again you must consider the “look” which you desire. Often bracelets made of leather add a nice casual dimension to your outfit. While gold and silver bangles often add a more glam look to your casual dress.

2.) Rings and necklaces. I would suggest that if you chose to wear a ring you only wear one (not including your wedding ring if you are married). I would also suggest that if you are married you wear your fashion ring on your right hand. In regard to necklaces, sometimes they are not needed and will simply make your outfit look cluttered. Below are two looks. On the left side you will notice that the style is more eclectic and the right side is a little more glam.

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  • Mrs. James Hicks

    I love dresses and your suggestion of for earrings, shoes, etc have really boost my desire to purchase more dresses with all the trimming. Thanks