Matchmaking Monday: Meet Today’s Bachelor



In his own words:

“Say “Hello” to this single, gentleman. Maybe, I’m just old fashioned, but I still believe in romance. I’d call you during the day to say, “I love you, thinking about you, and can’t wait to see you”. I send cards,flowers,open doors, and stand when you enter the room. I am a self-confident man of Italian (mom) / and African-American (dad) descent, I am 5’7″, hazel / brownish eyes, I am 43 (I look young I know!), though still considered very handsome by my female friends. I am a professional BET comedian / actor. I have mastered the art of balancing my professional life and home life, so now I am looking to fill the emotional void in my life. I am seeking a Lady fit to grow with, and develop a relationship, but chemistry is essential. I’m old enough to appreciate a deeper, not only physical relationship. I’m not interested in meeting women with emotional problems from previous relationships…so please be at peace with yourself. I want to meet a woman who knows who she is and where she wants to go in life, a woman who enjoys looking good in jeans or an evening dress, and can rock both equally well on the Red Carpet. I am passionate, so you should expect passion if the chemistry connects. I need you to be strong, yet feminine. I need you to look me in the eye and speak your mind (gently yet firmly), without tearing down my manhood, and yet speak with the same passion that you would speak your love for me…. I’m waiting for you.”

Ladies, he’s a great catch! Interested? Contact Camille at