Matchmaking Monday: Meet Today’s Bachelor

Today’s bachelor hails from Chicago. He is 33 years old and works as a software analyst for a financial services firm. He’s also a part-time model and actor.

In his own words: I like to stay active, so I enjoy running, biking,
playing volleyball, weight-training, dancing – just about everything that
is outdoors and active except for bungee jumping and skydiving (I’m scared
of heights.). I like to travel to exotic places with a lot of history
behind them, such as Egypt and Rio de Janeiro, and, of course, LA (oh,
yeah, there’s quite a bit of strange history in the City of Angels!). I was
a history major in college, so learning and reading about history and
different cultures is an important hobby for me. With that said, I’m quite
adventurous when it comes to eating and enjoying different cuisines, so if
my partner is a fan of foodie shows like Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmern
or No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain, or Check, Please! that would be
awesome! Of course, I always try to find healthy eating options, so while
I’m not a pure vegetarian any more, I’m not opposed to meeting someone who
is a vegetarian/vegan. Who knows? If it’s for love, I may even go whole hog
(huh?) and become vegetarian again.

About his Match: As for the type of person I’d like to meet, I would say that it’s okay if
she doesn’t necessarily share my interests. I would say that it’s more
important that my partner has a good sense of humor, is patient and
forgiving, maintains a healthy, active lifestyle, and is close to her
family. She should be the curious type, well-read, maybe even a little
sarcastic, and definitely adventurous and knows how to be flirty when the
occasion calls for it. You know the type? It’s like meeting someone who
doesn’t get stage fright when she has to talk to a crowd of strangers – her
voice will be heard, you can bet on it! I’m not looking for a party girl
who wants to hit the bars and clubs every weekend, and I’m not looking for
a mousy girl who’s afraid to voice her opinions or is emotionally needy or
clingy. I’m seeking a person who knows how to maintain balance in her life.
And I’m really attracted to women who are creative, literary, or artistic
in some way, whether it’s their career or their hobby.

Deal breakers: My deal breakers are women who aren’t health-conscious, who are intolerant of people from different cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, who can’t rein in their flakiness when the need arises, and who are overly jealous.

Meet him: Ladies, he’s a great catch! To find out more contact Camille at