Must-Have Look: Purple Snake Print

Pack a powerful punch of style into your next ensemble when you incorporate purple into your sartorial selections.

The color purple embodies the balance of red simulation and blue calm. It is known for its sense of mystic and royal qualities and it is a color often associated with very creative or eccentric types.

Get fashion inspiration from this fashionsta who is wearing Big Star’s Purple Snake Skin Jeans,a Lulu’s Top and Bag, Love Shopping Miami Shoes, and Round Sunglasses by Target.

Simply dive into the jungle of fashion and show off your creative and eccentric side when you shop for this outfit’s key essentials to look business casual and amazingly stylish at Tobi and Hot Topic.

Key Pieces for Less:

Sunglasses- Tegan Sunglasses ($3)

Jeans- Trip Purple Skinny Jeans ($29)

Top- Rockin’ Body Suit ($38)

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