New Fall 2012 Must-See TV!

Are you excited for the fall shows premiering soon?! There are a couple of shows that I personally can’t wait to watch and I wanted to share some of the deets of the shows with you! Normally, there are a few shows each season that catch my attention but nothing I really take the time to DVR or plan on watching when it premieres. This season looks promising so far and I can’t wait to catch these shows!

My top pick for fall 2012 is The Mindy Project with Mindy Kaling. If you don’t recognize Mindy Kaling from her photo, she was a regular on The Office and also appeared on films such as the 40-Year Old Virgin and No Strings Attached. Is she starting to sound more familiar? She not only created the show but is also co-producing and starring in the new comedy premiering on September 25th. The show is aptly titled The Mindy Project where she plays an OB-GYN and the show follows her throughout the up and downs of her personal and professional life. Mindy Kaling is absolutely adorable and charming so I think she’ll have a huge following!

My 2nd pick is Made in Jersey which premieres on September 28th and stars Janet Montgomery as a street smart Jersey attorney who’s trying to play nice with the big dogs at a Manhattan law firm. Don’t worry; this isn’t anything like Jersey Shore! There are probably going to be a few references to the state and its people but nothing about GTL and DTF! I’m a sucker for law shows so I have a feeling that a show with some courtroom drama and a down-to-earth girl is right up my alley!

Lastly, Partners is my 3rd pick for must-see fall show of the season. Debuting on September 24th, this comedy from the creators of Will & Grace brings you a gay BFF situation with a twist with Grace being a straight male. I loved Will & Grace so I’m hoping Partners will pick up where it left off and I can finally stop watching Will & Grace reruns although I can’t imagine this new show having anyone as dynamic as Sean Hayes.

There are quite a few new shows debuting for the fall with some already that already started like The New Normal and Go On. What shows are you looking forward to watching this season?