Getting Fancy in Flats

Smoking slippers & tuxedo flats

Flats, er smoking slippers or tuxedo flats can be seen everywhere these days and with good reason-they’re so chic and sophisticated! I for one am glad to see something comfy or comfy-looking being a big trend because there’s nothing like looking good and feeling good!

I’m sure you‘ve seen plenty of celebs rocking these flats and we don’t have to ask to know that their shoes probably cost a bundle. Every time I spot a cute pair that I’d love to get my hands on, they retail for over $300 with some at over $900! Can you say highway robbery?! We know better than to spend our rent money on a pair of shoes-or do we? Well, for this particular trend I cannot foresee myself spending that much money on these flats so I’m going the bargain route. Check out the flats that pictured in the photo above-they’re all cute, chic and all $100 or under!

$100 Steve Madden studded shoes

$30 Kirra flat

$35 Green shoes

$79 Studded shoes

$25 Flat

$30 Kirra flat

$78 Splendid shoes
So now that you’re in love with these shoes like many of us, curious on how to style them? Maybe you already have ideas of what to pair with these luxury loafers but just in case you’d like some more ideas, here are few things that would be a perfect match!

Here are some ideas courtesy of some fierce fashionistas:

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Nicky Hilton’s leopard-print smoking slippers totally jazz up her otherwise blah combination of black cutoff shorts and military inspired jacket. Since we’re getting to the start of fall, wearing a jacket over some shorts with these shoes would be a great way to combine some summer and fall pieces!

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The always chic Kate Moss wears her black flats with a monochromatic and super chic ensemble. In my eyes, Kate can do no wrong when it comes to fashion and her cropped pants, blazer and cami with her smoking slippers looks so well put together and sophisticated. If you’re thinking of wearing your flats with something more office appropriate, get some inspiration from Kate and pair yours shoes with a slim fitted cropped pant and blazer.

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And lastly, here we have the always well-dressed Jessica Alba in hot pink smoking slippers with cropped denim, a flowy kimono jacket and white top. I love how the color of the shoes offers up a fun pop of color and looks stylish without looking stuffy. Some colors and textures of these slippers can come off looking a little Hugh Hefner-ish so I would err on the side of fashion and stick to bright colors and/or fun patterns!

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I also wanted to include a fancier look with long pants since all of the pictures above were shorts or cropped pants. The incredible Olivia Palermo wears hers loafers in an outfit similar to Kate Moss’s but with long black pants, blazer, lace top and grey loafers. Olivia is another fashion icon and I love her in this outfit!!

If you think you might want to rock this trend but aren’t completely in love with slippers shown here, take a look at Macy’s, Zara and Lulu’s just to name a few, for some affordable and stylish options!

What do you think of this trend? Will you wear smoking slippers?