Skincare tips for healthy and beautiful summer to fall skin

summer skin

Did you get sunburned during the summer and need some fixes for your skin before we get into fall? Summer is fun and all, but I know it can wreak some serious havoc on your skin! Here are some easy ways to fix those pesky skin issues from summer and start fall with healthy and beautiful skin!

Start with Basics

Although there will be a definite change in weather, you still want to wear sunscreen every day, no matter how cloudy or gloomy it is outside because it’s still possible to get sun damage. Although the sun’s rays aren’t as strong in the colder months, you’re still exposed to ultraviolet rays so it would be foolish to not protect your skin!

Another summer skincare basic that still rings true in the fall is to drink lots of water. Although we might want to warm up with hot cocoa or coffee during the fall to warm us up from the wind and cold we still want to keep ourselves hydrated as well as drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and carry nutrients to our cells.

Save your Skin

If you got a little too much sun in the summertime and you need some serious skin support now, don’t worry, there is still time to rescue your skin! If you got sunburnt hopefully you took action immediately after you got burned. Taking a pain reliever, using hydrocortisone cream and drinking lots of water can help alleviate pain and hydrate your skin. If you’re dealing with sunspots, discoloration or freckles from exposure to the sun and want to conceal them, exfoliate your skin and use skin brightening products with sunscreen to reveal new skin and brighten up your complexion. You can also use concealer or other full coverage makeup to even out your skin color and conceal blemishes.

Add Moisture

Our skin is exposed to the heat then the cold in a matter of days so we can experience irritation, dryness and itchiness from the abrupt change in temperature so make sure you incorporate some more intensive moisturizer to hydrate and nourish your skin. Saturate your skin with thick creams and ditch the watery and thin moisturizers from summer to ensure your skin gets all the moisture it craves.

If you feel like the cold weather struck your skin way too suddenly and want to give it some TLC, take an oatmeal bath and balance your skin.

The same idea for your face applies to your eye area and lips too. You don’t want to neglect either of those areas as they can appear dry and crepey-looking which can age your appearance and appear unhealthy!

There are a few key steps to take in fall that differ from summer but cleansing your face well, moisturizing and drinking water will forever remain in skin care regimens!

How do you prepare your skin for fall?