The Holiday Madness—Five Quick Tips to Freshen Up

The holidays are such a great time of the year but I have realized over the past few—I am not the only one who shows up to work the first day back looking more exhausted than the day we all left. Between all the holiday shopping, family visits and let’s face it…those holiday cocktails, the holidays will quickly take a toll on your energy levels and appearance. Follow these five quick tips to look your best and stay healthy.

  1. Drink water. We may not realize it but a lot of the foods we consume over the holidays may cause us to become quickly dehydrated. This will enhance bags under your eyes, cause bloating, increase headaches and decrease overall energy levels—chugging a good ol’ Christmas Ale will not aid in curing any of these symptoms either (unfortunately). Try to drink a couple glasses of water consistently throughout the day but if all else fails, make sure to drink a big one first thing in the morning and right before you go to bed.
  2. Moisturize. In addition to increased dehydration those winter winds will do your skin no good. It is important to moisturize with a non-greasy and non-scented (or lightly scented) moisturizer within three minutes of getting out the shower (all over). The trick is to lock the water moisture from your shower in-between your moisturizer and pores—this technique will help your skin better absorb needed hydration. This will leave your skin looking smoother, younger and most importantly healthier.
  3. Sleep. The average American will do a ton of traveling and visiting over the holidays. But, remember—no one likes a Grinch. Make sure to give yourself at least eight hours of sleep per night. It really is important and will help you not only get through your holiday season—but enjoy it. Not to mention, if you are well rested, your eyes will be clearer, bags under your eyes will disappear and overall appearance will be enhanced.
  4. Vitamin C. Take one tablet a day. This antioxidant will help fight off the colds you pick up from the coughing baby sitting next to you on the plane, and more importantly is famous for fighting free radicals—the ultimate cause of aging. It is simple, easy and safe!
  5. Don’t Stress. Have fun—it always works out. Remember what the holiday season is really about and enjoy your time-off with family and friends. If you have a lot of errands to run, ask a friend to join you, it will make it more enjoyable.