Top 11 Fashion Trends of 2013

Fashion moves along as quickly as anything in this world. This year’s styles will no doubt be different to next year’s. This led me to put together a showcase of the top styles we’ve seen in 2013.


Whether vertical or horizontal, stripes give an elegant look to any wardrobe. While disliked by some, if the risk of wearing stripes comes off you will no doubt look amazing! Note: horizontal stripes will make you look wider. Vertical stripes will make you look long and leaner.



Ruffles make a big statement. One again they can be a risk if going for some big frills but with the right thing frills provide a very aesthetic look. Frills work best on cute cocktails or skirts so go grab a few if you want to try something new.


Crop Tops

If you’ve been hitting the gym, crop tops are for you, if you’ve been working your abs, why not show them off a bit? There are many different styles, so it should be no problem finding one you like. Go for some high waisted shorts or jeans if you wan to fudge it a bit.


Leather in summer? Yes. Leather has made its way into summer season and can now be seen on everything. Whether it be leather top, shorts, leggings or even on your shoes. Leather is in. I love the look and believe it looks best in a strapless top that leaves some ventillation.

Gladiator Heels

Gladiator heels are back, and needless to say they’re more unique than ever. Very unusual colors and styles have been seen being worn this year. These sandals can be buckled either around the ankle or all the way to the thigh. Wear them with a short hem to really show them off.


White Shoes

White shoes are a good looking exclamation mark on any outfit. They’ve become very popular throughout 2013. A perfect finish to a colorful or patterned outfit. You can rarely go wrong with white shoes.


Floral and spring screams the obvious, and it’s not exactly a new style. But it’s really come out in 2013. You can try a full floral dress or a matching bottom and top to go all out, although a simple top is usually enough.

Graphic Leggings

It’s been a building trend among teenage girls, leggings with graphics, specifically galaxy leggings have become a huge trend. They can look good and give a nice change from the usual outfits. When wearing these try to keep the rest of your outfit one or two solid colors.


Bold shapes, bolf colors and bold choices are in. Mix it up with some color clashing, graphic prints and slogan shirts are a sure fire way to make a statement.


It won’t make you look thin. It’s not going to win you any male followers, but this has become a real hit in 2013. Wear it with tight pants or a nice skirt for a look for elegance. Peplum is a must have of 2013.


Black is the new black. Everyone loves black; it’s the color that goes with everything. Whether decked out in a full black outfit or mix and matching, black is the color of 2013.


It’s these special items which have really set the scene of 2013. The year’s coming to an end and these items have been showcased around the globe; I for one can’t wait to see what’s next for fashion next year! Can you? Do you agree with our picks for fashion trends of 2013?

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