What to Wear When Meeting His Parents

Figuring out what to wear to meet his parents—what a nightmare! Hopefully, you won’t have to do this too many times but for the times you do, a few guidelines may be helpful.

Be appropriate (all around). Although this isn’t an exact outfit, the “gown of appropriate” may be the most important thing to remember when you’re meeting the parents for the first time. Not only should your outfit (whatever it may be) cover all sensitive zones of your bod—make sure you verbally avoid hot topics including religion, politics and other personal views that others may take personally or find offensive. My rule of thumb—if makes you uncomfortable, avoid it!

Classy not trendy. My first suggestion, go with a mid-length black dress with mid-size heels to compliment. A black dress will never go out of fashion and will always be a timeless item that can be worn for multiple occasions. If you find the correct fit, a black dress never has less than a dozen compliments in store.

Spice up your accessories. Do not mistake inappropriate for personality. Although, it is important to make sure your boyfriend’s parent find you classy and timeless (with your black dress), it is important to show some of your personality as well. Dress up your modest look with a colorful bag or some fun jewelry accessories—it may become a great conversation piece!

Lay low on make-up. Enough said. Don’t be that girl.

Smile. One of the top items to make sure you bring. Unfortunately, you are there to sell yourself and prove to his parents why he has chosen you as such a wonderful girlfriend. Wear your smile until the last goodbye and make sure to stay engaging and interested in all the conversation that takes place. No one likes a Debby Downer.

If you follow these five simple rules, it would be hard not to love you!