Zipbuds Premium Tangle-Free Headphones

Premium Tangle-Free Headphones - Premium Tangle-Free Headphones

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Push play without pausing to untangle your cables with these top-quality, foldable headphones, available in black or white: $74 ($149.99 value) for SELECT premium tangle-free headphones $99 ($199.99 value) for CHOICE premium tangle-free headphones Detachable 54″ zipper-integrated cabling, a gold-plated adapter, and high-density foam ear cups to maximize comfort while isolating sound The Zipbuds SELECT headphones have a more compact design — perfect for travelers — and include a travel bag for storage. The headphones are made of high-shine and scratch-resistant ABS plastic with 40mm drivers that deliver intense bass without losing mids and highs. The Zipbuds CHOICE headphones have 50mm drivers that are studio-tested to offer perfectly balanced sound with clear bass. These over-ear headphones come coated with a matte, soft-touch material and are accented with diamond-cut aluminum outer housings. CHOICE headphones also come with a heavy-duty hard shell protective travel case that includes room for extra storage. Zipbuds’s Website Facebook